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A Kiss from Rose| April 16th

Let's jump right in today, feet first!

Are you mean-spirited? Do you enjoy tit for tat type of games? Is it ok for you to vent about others? However, are you upset when your name is mentioned in a vent session? Are you the only one who can piss in someone's kool-aid and expect them to drink it? The nerve of them right, pissing in YOUR drink? Who do they think they are? When someone treats you unfair, do you wait to do the same to them? Are you sitting in the cut, waiting to get them back? So you have the attitude of "don't come running to me now after you did me dirty." Do you do things based on if you like a person or not? Do you have the attitude of " I really don't want to help them, so I am doing the bare minimum only? Do you mistreat people based on them not having money or not being well connected? Have you participated in any of these things? Wait a minute before you answer; God is listening and knows the truth!

What type of energy and vibrations are you putting into the atmosphere? Is anything able to grow there? You are suffocating your blessings. You are drowning your favor. You are turning around, love. You are stuck in gear, unable to shift.

First of all, you are not fair. Second, you are NOT walking on a two-way street (even in the tit for tat game, you want to tit). Thirdly, you are wasting good energy.

Whenever you want to wrong someone, think of how it will alter or detour your blessings.

When you hear your name in someone's vent session, make it a priority to get an understanding, you may have just unintentionally hurt someone's feelings. Don't write them off; they still love you, just vocalizing their frustrations ( the same way you do).

When someone wrongs you, pray for them, forgive them; you will have peace.

Everyone has something going on in their lives, don't take everything so personally. Remember, life is short. I would rather walk in forgiveness than live with regret.


Matthew 5 : Click the link if you are interested on reading the scripture of the month.

Introduction to the Sermon on the Mount

" Anyone that really knows me knows I could never keep quiet when someone did something to me. The hurt and pain were frustrating. Then, one day, Sharon told me to be quiet and don't say a word. I thought she was crazy! But that was the most peace I had in my life. Everything worked out, and the injustice was able to be seen. Now, I keep my mouth closed. I be wanting to talk though, lol." - Alston Shropshire

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