A Kiss from Rose an Extra Dose

Hurt and pain come with life. This has been going on since the beginning of time. Joseph and his brothers, Cain and Abel, and Moses. No matter if we know that it is for someone's gain or selfishness, we still ask the question of why. Why would you want to hurt me? How come I didn't see this coming. In most cases, before we were ever hurt by a friend, we were hurt by family. The question remains, why? Please understand that there is a purpose for us all. The road to this purpose may be hard, but we must continue to walk forward to what God is calling us to. Let God work out the details. He knows you can carry the load. No matter how hard, or painful it may seem, keep your eyes on Him. Don't get distracted by the pain, be fueled by the purpose. Everything that happened in the past has a purpose for the future. Be fueled by the purpose. Stop looking at the past. It all will make sense in the end and will be revealed.



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