A Kiss from Rose an Extra Dose

Bridges help us get from point to another. In many cases, it is the only way to get there. Sometimes it is more convenient, less time or fewer complications; the quickest route so to speak. How useful is a burned bridge to you? Not useful at all, quite frankly. In most cases than not we are the ones setting fires to the bridge, then are upset when we can not cross them again. Be mindful of the bridges you burn. You may have to cross them again. It doesn't mean the road is not there to use, or that you won't be able to get to the other side. It just means you won't have access to the privileges you once had.

Ask yourself these things first:

How many people have I used?

How often have I worn out my welcome?

How often I am in need but not willing to help?

How many often am I sounding like a broken record and have not attempted to fix anything on my own?

How often am I toxic to others?

How often is it all about me?

Am I draining the life out of others?

How many times have I taken advantage, lied, manipulated, or abused others?

Is your bridge burning? Has the match been lit? Is it already salvageable?

Now that you have asked yourself these things and answered, what would God's reply be on your behalf? Do they differ?



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