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A Kiss from Rose | A Breath of Fresh Air

A breath of fresh air! Do you remember taking the deepest breath of air and feeling renewed and excited? Did your body relax, and you began to feel at ease? Let's try it now. Take a moment to take a deep breath. Go outside if you can. Relax, relate, and release! Heck, take a couple of deep breaths.

For every deep breath, imagine God filling you with blessings and favor! Imagine God is supplying you with your answered prayers. With every deep breath you take, God gives you your heart's desire. Exciting, isn't it? How about every time you exhale, you release the things you no longer need? Anxiety, depression, stress, and worry? How about when you exhale, you are releasing toxic stuff in your life? Would you take the time more often to take a breath of fresh air?

Lord, when I inhale, I am inhaling Your love! When I inhale, I am inhaling Your power. Lord, when I inhale, I am inhaling Your wisdom. I inhale wealth. I inhale prosperity for me and my bloodline. I am inhaling Your favored promises. I am inhaling a solid relationship with You. Lord, when I inhale, I am inhaling Your comfort. I am inhaling Your protection. Lord, I am inhaling every good thing You have for me. I am inhaling Your healing power. I am inhaling Your peace. I inhale favored doors, windows, and pathways. Lord, I inhale elevation. Lord, I inhale sponsorship sent by You. Lord, when I inhale, I inhale long life and everything according to Your will.

Lord, when I exhale, I exhale every toxic thing the devil has brought into my life. I exhale the devil and his imps. Lord, I exhale evil principalities. Lord, I exhale negative thoughts and ways of thinking. I exhale, worry, and stress. Lord, when I exhale, I exhale doubt and unworthiness. Lord, I exhale lack and instability. Lord, when I exhale, I exhale debt and sickness. Lord, I exhale strongholds and generational curses. Lord, I exhale hexes and witchcraft sent by the enemy. Lord, when I exhale, I exhale anyone with ill intention surrounding me. In Jesus' name, amen.


"My lungs are filled with You, God." - Alston Shropshire

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