Knock, and the Door Shall Be Opened Corporate Fasting/Prayer: Day 2 Check-In

Updated: Jan 5

Hey you guys, just doing today's check-in. I hope all is well and you are moving forward with praise and thanksgiving. Hope you are fueled in faith about your petitions. As you pray for yourself, I pray that you are standing in the gap for others. We are closer to our blessings.

Friendly reminder, stay focused; you can do this! Do not forget your scripture readings. Also, take the time to watch the sermons in the check-ins. It is a wonderful blessing. Will you take the time to do so? I am praying for and with you.

Here is something you can watch that can keep you focused. I have watched it myself, and I must say it is a treat. Keeping your mind focused on the word of God is essential. Do not allow distractions to gain your attention. Remember, there is a reward for being obedient. Share with others so they can be blessed also.

God has opened the door! He is blessing us in this season!


" I am praying because I can't afford to sit idle. I am calling on Jesus because I can't afford to call the wrong name. I am fasting 'cause I can't afford to not put in the work." - Alston Shropshire

* I don't own the rights to the video.