Corporate Fasting/Prayer: Check-In

Hey you guys, just doing today's final check-in. I hope all is well and you are moving forward with praise and thanksgiving. Friendly reminder, stay focused; you can do this. I have complete all but the seven remaining scriptures. I am praying for and with you. Here is something you can watch that can keep you focused. I have watched it myself, and I must say it is a treat. Keeping your mind focused on the word of God is essential. Do not allow distractions to gain your attention. Remember, there is a reward for being obedient.

I will send out another message from Grandma's Corner in the morning.

"God has His hands on you."

- Alston

*I do not own the rights to the video/sermon*


"I want you to win. I want to win. Friendly check-ins are to ensure the other person hasn't given up and to encourage them to keep going."- Alston Shropshire