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A Kiss from Rose | You Can Leave

Habakkuk 2:2 says, "Then the Lord replied: "Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it. So, today I am writing it down and making it plain. You can leave. Today's affirmation is "I am valuable." If you are unable to realize my value, you can leave. I am sure everyone wants others to know they are worth something. Well, others feel the same about themselves as well. So, wanting value and knowing value is an essential part of wisdom. If you see no value in me, please leave.

I am an asset; please know my value to you.

I am not a secret friend, spouse, family member, or church member. Please know my value to you. If you can't associate with me, you can leave.

I am a valuable resource; please know my resources are solid and valuable.

I am a valuable parent; please know my wisdom came at a cost. I paid the price so you won't have to. Would you please respect my valuable wisdom?

I have a genuine heart; please see the value in that.

I have good intentions; please respect the value in that.

I have your best interest at heart; how can you not appreciate the value with that?

You can always call on me. Valuable.

I can and will walk away from anything other than a positive atmosphere because I know I am worth more than a negative environment. I know my worth.

I am a praying friend; a high value in this.

I make a powerful impact on the lives I touch. I motivate you to do more and better. Valuable.

I am selfless, compassionate, empathic, and loving. Valuable.

I am a consistent person; I value.

God said I am of value; He has the final say, and His words never come back null.

Knowing my worth came at a cost. I was overlooked, pushed aside, abandoned, hurt, and left behind. I cried so many days and nights over those who did not know how valuable I was to their life. God picked me up and said to me; you are worth so much more. I will carry you along the way. I want you to know your worth; you are MY child, a child of a KING. You have undeniable value. I will peacefully and quietly remove those things and people from you who do not see your value. I will replace them with better and more significant ones. You will not miss them or notice they are gone. You will not have to tell them to leave; I will. They may laugh and mock you, but you will elevate while they watch, regretting they did not value you when they had you. You will not cry another tear other than for joy and happiness.

I hope you know that you are of great value. I respect your value and I know your worth.


" I am worth more than heartache and pain." - Alston Shropshire


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