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A Kiss from Rose | You Are...

You are blessed. You are covered. You are elevating.

When you are at the end of your revealing season, there is a blessing shortly following.

You will be all of the favored things you have dreamed. God is with you and is pouring out a miraculous blessing. Because of the murky waters you have traveled, God will give you double for your trouble.

God will grant you favor as you sit where people belittle, embarrass, doubt, and underestimate you. He will elevate you.

When you look into the eyes of those who hate you, know that God is pouring out His unwavering love. Every time they hurt you, God blesses you. Every time they leave you, God blesses you.

God is blessing you in front of your enemies. God is blessing you in front of those you love. God is blessing you in front of those who love you.



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