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A Kiss from Rose | Yoke Prayer

Good morning Father God. Thank You for the breath of life.

Father, thank You for being a yoke lifter, remover, and breaker.

Thank You for lifting and breaking my yoke of burdens, unbelief, and any unequal yokes.

Because of Your anointing oil covering me, these yokes are lifted, removed, and destroyed.

I feel no pain and are not harmed during the process. I’m shielded and at peace. I thrive and prosper even more afterward.

Forgive me, Father, for every time I doubted You, was impatient in waiting for You, worried about Your decisions, timing, and my wavering faith.

Because even in the midst of my actions, You had a plan, were there, and rescued me.

Father, I thank You for allowing me to rest with You.

Thank You for allowing me to live free, with joy, thriving, prosperous, and with the love of Christ embedded in my heart.

In Jesus’, amen.


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