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A Kiss from Rose | Will You Praise God with Me

Will you praise God with me in the hallways?

Will you praise God with me on the front stoop?

Sometimes, people need a praise partner during a storm or at the mountain top. Will you praise God with me at the card table? How about over lunch, at the hospital, or school? In most cases, self-care and mental health stability are revived with a praise partner. It doesn't matter where you are; give God praise! It shouldn't matter who you are with; they should praise God with you! Have you ever given God praise with your best friend? Oh, the joy you must share! You are both happy for one another. A praise partner is a wonderful thing. Will you praise God with someone? Someone who may have gotten out of the hospital or just got home safely from out of town? Someone who may be going through something, but you want to praise God with them for the victory on the way! So the question of the day is, will you praise God with me?


" I am praising God with you today. Will you praise God with me?" - Alston Shropshire

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