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A Kiss from Rose | Who Really Notices

How often do you notice when your sister or brother, biological or in Christ, is hurting or in pain? Do you notice when your sister or brother, biological or in Christ, is hurting or in pain? How aware are you of the subtle ques? Say there are no ques at all? There's a catch twenty- two when it comes to strength. When a person gets complimented for having strength, others may think there is no weakness. They may think a person doesn't feel fragile or is ok about whatever is happening around them. Being capable of handling the weight doesn't mean you want to carry it or are confident that you can.

Tears are a tell-tale sign that someone is hurting or in pain, in some cases. It also takes a lot of strength to fight back those tears. Some people try not to cry in front of others, thinking no one cares anyway. Some push through whatever it is they are going through, as others sit and watch.

Jesus exhibited great strength as He carried His cross. Many watched, laughed and mocked Him. Some just watched in amazement. Some watched in horror what He was going through. Jesus pressed forward, however. Yet, one man noticed and felt compassion for Him and helped Him carry His cross. His name was Saint Simon of Cyrene.

It was not any of his disciples or family. It was a foreigner that served Jesus.

Another time when Jesus was in agony and was helped was in the garden of Gethsemane. It was by an angel who not only helped Him but gave Him strength and sustained Him. Both of these instances are found in the book of Luke.

Who have you noticed and helped? Have you taken the time to stop and lend a hand? Are you the one praying for a person's downfall? Are you hoping that in their agony, you surpass them? Would you even stop and pray for them? Many say they will pray, but most don't.

Today, we thank God for Saint Simon of Cyrene and the angel who not only noticed, but took the time to help.

If there is anyone you know of that stops and takes the time out for you or someone you know. Drop the person's name so we can pray for them.


"The one who notices and helps is a true angel. The one who will stop and pray is a God sent person."- Alston Shropshire


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