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A Kiss from Rose| While I Am Here

While I am here, love me.

While I am here, respect me.

While I am here, talk to me.

While I am here, listen to me.

While I am here, spend time with me.

While I am here, appreciate me.

While I am here, say thank you.

While I am here, enjoy me.

While I am here, laugh with me.

While I am here, please don't waste time being angry with me.

While I am here, it is a phrase most people don't want to think about because they think you mean your time is almost up. It doesn't have to be that way. Maybe the person realized that you are not doing these things, and they know deep inside you mean well, but you are not necessarily showing or acting things out well.

You see, I don't want you standing over my casket filled with regret. I don't want you showing up to my funeral out of respect on the tail end, and you never showed me any respect or love during my life. I don't want a room filled with wonderful conversations about how good a person I was with those who never showed me, and most of them are filled with the same feelings as you, regret! I don't want the love, appreciation, and respect done in my absence; I want this done in my presence.

Do you want to hold a grudge with your parents, the person who gave you life and you never gave them the "while I am here" goodness?

Are you going to hold on to anger with your siblings and withhold those "while I am here" moments?

Who missed out on the " while I am here" moment with their grandmother, praying you could have one more chance with her?

Are you carrying around baggage in your relationship/marriage to the point where you can't see the "while I am here" standing you in the face?

Are you so focused on yourself that you are missing the "while I am here" genuineness of your friends?

Are you wholeheartedly living in the "while you are here" moments with the people who are surrounding you?

Picture the people in your life who you are angry with, have an issue with, love, married to, the child or parent of, or the friend of, and neighbor of, no longer here. What about the person that gets on your last nerve? What about that person that keeps you laughing or is always there for you? Picture them gone! Picture the casket! How was your "while I am here" with them? Could you have done or said more?

Are you not feeling this? Well, how is your "while you have time" moment with God? Did you make time? Did you enjoy and celebrate Him while you had the chance? Will it be too late when your casket closes? Do not wait until your casket closes; now, you are trying to pay your way in the doors of heaven. Don't wait until your casket closes, and now you are trying to figure out a way to holla at the Lord.

Neither will work!

"While I am here" and "while I have time," you must think about those two things right now!


"Don't wait until I am gone; love and respect me now. I don't want to miss my "while I am here" moments with you."- Alston Shropshire

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Membro desconhecido
02 de jan. de 2022

Amen, Amen & Amen again!


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