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A Kiss from Rose | What "They" Say vs. What "God" says

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Everyone has a version of the story, but it is God's version that matters. I am sure that most people have either been in a situation or witnessed a situation like this before. Let's check out the list of what "they" say versus what "God" says.

  1. They say you hate on them. God says you did nothing but show them love and kindness

  2. They say you are a sinner. God says no one is free from sin. God says His Son died for the sin of all.

  3. They say you are not worthy. God says you are worthy of all favored things He has for you.

  4. They say you can not be used. God says He will use and elevate you above all others.

  5. They say you are lacking. God says you lack no good thing.

  6. They say you are sick. God says you are healed.

  7. They say you are broke. God says you are rich.

  8. They say you won't have. God says He will provide.

  9. They say no one wants to walk with you. God says He is already walking with you.

  10. They say enemies surround you. God says He will make them your footstool.

  11. They say the enemy set a trap for you. God says the trap will catch them.

  12. They say your marriage is in trouble. God says I honor marriage, I am the strongest cord in the marriage, I will save it.

  13. They say you don't have enough money. God says I will give you an increase.

  14. They say you are always down. God says I will lift you up.

  15. They say they will be hypocritical and give bad counsel toward you. God says He will honor the conversations and prayers you have with Him.

  16. They say they will always take from you. God says He will always give you.

  17. They say your children have issues. God says He has them covered too.

  18. They say you are cursed. God says you are blessed and highly favored.


"You better listen to what God has to say about me!" - Alston Shropshire

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