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A Kiss from Rose | What More Do You Want

How often have you said, " What more do you want from me?" How often have you felt that way and never said anything?

How many times have you been at work and your boss, their boss, or whomever in the higher operations, constantly sent more and more work for you to do that is outside of your work description? How many times has the department fallen behind as a whole, yet your superiors continuously accepted more workloads?

How many times has your household looked to you for everything and every little thing? How many times have you organized, prepared, left a map, or created instructions or directions, yet they all still come to you to ask you the very thing you have written out? How often have you come from running errands for your family, only to see more work as everyone sits there doing their thing? As they walked around, stuff was on the floor, on the table, or in the sink? How many loads of laundry could someone else have completed while you were sick, in the hospital, or on vacation. Yet it all waited on you? How many times did you say to yourself, "What more do you want from me?"

How many times was it brought to your attention what you never did, could have, or did not do? From your spouse, children, or family member? No matter the countless sacrifices you have made, working doubles, taking another job, pulling money from a credit card, or your 401k to get them out of trouble? What about providing a stable roof over their head at little or no charge? How many times have you given without getting anything in return, not even a thank you in most cases? How many times have you robbed Peter to pay Paul to make it happen for someone else, yet they think money grows on a tree, and still you have yet to get a birthday card or even have someone check on you while you were sick? How often have the complaints been deafening or numbing to your ears and soul? How many times did you say to yourself, "What more do you want from me?"

Well, how often has God said it about you? Well, I know the saints will say God does not feel that way. Ok, this is true; however, let's think about it for a minute.

God said, to come to Him about all things, yet you still won't go to Him? What else do you want God to do? He has given His word; you won't pick it up to read it. He has given you His Son; you won't believe in Him. God has given you power and authority, yet you won't use it. God said by His stripes, the one He got on the cross, you are healed, and still, you don't believe that. He said in Hebrews 13:16, "And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased."; are you even doing this? God said, give me your burdens, yet you are still trying to carry them. God said, He will provide all of your needs, and you don't believe Him. "What more do you want from Him?"

God has given you authority, power, dominion, the blood, the Holy Ghost, His angels of protection, His armor, His Son, His word, His love, wisdom, knowledge, counsel, Salvation, fortitude, understanding, discernment, faith, and a host of other things. Yet we still do not have enough; we still do not believe, and we still are not dedicated to even reading His word, let alone praying and talking to Him.

We all are saying "What more do you want from me?"


" I am tired, you are tired, we are tired, they are tired; God never gets tired."- Alston Shropshire



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