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A Kiss from Rose | What If God Was Petty

We all must thank God for not being all of the terrible things we are to others. Not saying we are awful all the time to others. I am saying that there have been a time or two where we may have been petty.

Heck, your grandma has been a little petty a time or two in her day. Maybe she overwatered her neighbor's flowers because they left the trash out on a wrong day. Come on now, let's get real. We all have seen shady behaviors a time or two in our life.

They say that when you know better, you do better in life. We all must get to the point of wanting to do better. Was it worth it? What was gained from it all? Being petty, I mean. What if God were petty with us? Would we even be able to handle it?

If God took the time out of His day to stop blessing us with favor, grace, and mercy, only to be petty, how would we feel? How would we feel if God denied us access to Him? How about if He stopped giving us our heart's desire? What if He didn't make our dreams come true? I would rather God be my asset and friend than one who is petty.

Just like overwatering those flowers not only drowned them, it may have killed them. I don't want God to drown me in pettiness or kill me. I don't want to smell the aroma of trash/ garbage; I want to smell blessings, an abundance of favor, and everlasting life.

Father, thank You for being nothing but good to me. Thank You for taking the time to bless me and those around me. Thank You for your unconditional love In Jesus' name, amen.


" Father, forgive me for the times I was petty."- Alston Shropshire



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