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A Kiss from Rose | What Do You Come With

As perfect as we pretend to be, we must take the time to be transparent with ourselves and assess what comes with us. And is it fair to others? What comes with you? What are you packaged with? Who's tagging along? When people see you, are they happy to see you coming?

We can point a finger, but looking in that mirror, sometimes it is not a pretty picture.

What comes with you? When entering someone's life, are you coming with hard-headed children, an overbearing mother, or a toxic baby mother or father? How about a "my way or the highway attitude?"

Are you coming with abandonment or trust issues? How about a family that doesn't know their place or when visiting hours are over?

Do you come with control issues or abusive tendencies, verbal, physical, or emotional?

Are you bringing with you a happy or Debbie downer spirit?

Do you come with joy, peace, and happiness? Look at all the people smiling and ready to check off this box!

Is there anyone sick of you and your shenanigans? How would you know if you are unwilling to listen or look in the mirror?

Knowing the good and unpleasant things you come with is vital.

Some people want something other than what you place on a table at times or what you come with. Some people want you, not the toxic family members or the unbiblical cord with the parent still attached.

Some may want the kind and loving person they see in public, not the controlling, belittling person behind closed doors.

Let's ensure we know what we come with and work towards bettering the unpleasant things that may come with us.

Father, thank You for opening our eyes to a new day. Thank You for allowing us to see some things we need to change. We desire to make people smile when we walk into a room. We desire the ability to set respectful and fair boundaries. We want to do better and wish to bring peace, joy, happiness, love, and compassion to everyone around us. We desire to be excellent examples of character and moral-filled people. We desire to exemplify class, dignity, and self-respect. Continue to penetrate our minds and heart while covering and keeping us. In Jesus' name, amen.


"Change is good. Keep improving. Not for others but for yourself."


Thank you for your cooperation in keeping this a safe space.

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