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A Kiss from Rose | What Are Your Bullet Points

We all should have a checklist or bullet points. Let's go over what should be on it. What is on yours? Having this in place would cover all of the ones you will create in life, I think.

  • I wake up giving thanks to God

  • I pray before starting my day

  • I take time out of each day to read the bible

  • I am kind to everyone that I come into contact with

  • I have a consistent communication with God

  • I repent and ask for forgiveness when I sin

  • I ask myself what would Jesus do when I get into a situation

  • I fast often

  • I help others

  • I walk in love

  • I speak and live positively

  • I am mindful of the words that I speak

  • I use effective communication

  • I listen attentively

  • I follow God and lead others to Him

It is easier said than done. Let us all work towards executing our bullet points.


" I miss the mark just like everyone else; I don't stop trying, however." -Alston Shropshire



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