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A Kiss from Rose| What Are You Worth

You hear the saying all of the time, "know your worth." Do you know what you are worth?

Do you know how valuable your time is? The worth of what you bring to the table? What should your services cost? Do you know what others feel you are worth to them? Are you expendable, or are you of value? At some point in life, we all must assess our worth.

I Am Worth

Every ounce of love God pours into me

Every drop of blood He uses to cover me

Every angel He sends to protect me

All of the grace and mercy He provides me

All of the favor He bestows on me

The Holy Ghost He gives me

The covering He shields me with

The comfort He sends

Everything He provides for me

Every touch of healing He lays on me

Every layer of protection He provides for me

Every day He gives me

Being His child

Are you asking, how can I be so cocky in my worth? Well, this is what God said I am worth to Him. These are the thing He gives me. Maybe you feel I am not worthy, but God says I am worth it.


" The creator of a painting says what it is worth, or sets the price. God is the creator of me; He says I am worth everything He has to give. I am His child, and nothing will He withhold from me. What am I worth? The things God gives to me, and that is priceless." - Alston Shropshire

Psalm 84:11 ( ERV)

The Lord God is our protector and glorious king.

He blesses us with kindness and honor.

The Lord freely gives every good thing

to those who do what is right.

*I do not own the right to the scripture*

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