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A Kiss from Rose | Welcoming and Unwelcoming God is Always Watching

Welcoming energy. Welcoming energy is where the atmosphere and people are light, airy, inviting, kind, and positive.

No one wants to be in an unwelcoming atmosphere or around unwelcoming people.

Whether it’s a family or friend’s residence, a church, a business meeting, a social organization, or a party, no one wants to spend their time and energy in unwelcoming spaces.

When you are in a welcoming or unwelcoming space, you can feel it in your soul. No one has to tell you which space you are in; you are either welcomed and comfortable or not.

Welcoming or unwelcoming energy comes from all or most of the people in the room.

My question for today is, are you the person who makes other people feel unwelcome? Do you clique together with others to intensify negative energy throughout the atmosphere?

Countless people claim to be positive, Holy, inviting, sisterly, and all that jazz; however, they have scared someone or people emotionally forever.

These unwelcoming behaviors are leaving a damaging impact or impression on the church, organizations, families, and businesses and its protocols or meetings.

How many people have you left a positive or negative impression upon?

How many innocent and positive opinions have you changed?

Say your welcoming behavior with others is what would get you into heaven. How would you make out?

Say God sent the one person you mistreated or were unwelcoming to as a test?

Say your well done came as a result of your consistent efforts of welcoming behaviors in every room you entered and every person you encountered.

These statements have you thinking, I bet.

What do you think walking in love is? Welcoming energy! Patience. Kindness.

Go where the energy is welcoming, cheerful, and kind. Life is too short.

If you are unwelcoming to others, stop it; it’s not of God. Remember, God is always watching.


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