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A Kiss from Rose| Wanting Better

There is no one reading this today, that doesn't want better for themselves. The question is, do you desire better for those around you? We all understand self-care and being focused on you; however, if you have people around you, you would think you want better for them. If I see the people around me praying for better or desiring better, I pray for them. I pray that God grants them their heart's desire. When you are surrounded by "better," not only do you benefit, your family, friends, community, children, and spouse benefit as well.

Take a look at this!

Maturity ( so you can be taken seriously)

Growth ( who doesn't want a change or to elevate)

Independence ( everyone wants to do it on their own)

Security ( no one wants to fly by the seat of their pants)

Sound mind ( confusion breeds worry and anxiety)

Self-love ( this will build confidence)

Some may think this list is out of the ordinary when saying you want better. Most people think of cars, homes, and marriages. My point is if you start here, everything else will fall into place.

Will you pray this prayer for yourself, me, and the people around you?

Father, thank You for waking us all up today. Thank You for Your love and dedication to our lives. Father, in the mighty name of Jesus, I ask You for maturity, growth, and independence. Being taken seriously, doing things with Your help, and elevating is my heart's desire. Father, I am praying for a sound mind, self-love, and security as only You can grant. Lack of confidence, reckless behavior, worry, and anxiety needs to flee. Those are things that are not of You. Father, I know You want better for Your children, and I have faith you will give it to us.

In Jesus' name, I pray, Amen.


"Until you take the time to have a serious conversation with a person, you do not know their desires."- Alston Shropshire



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