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A Kiss from Rose | Value

This past Sunday at church, the message was about broken things still having value. What a good message it was!

I want to pose the question about things of value. Are you able to recognize things and people of value in your life? I am sure most people are willing and likely to point out broken things or people. People tend to be more fond of judgement than giving accolades or appreciating things or people of value.

Most people judge someone's brokenness. People tend to look at how a person was raised, how someone acts or dresses, and even their behavior in certain situations. Again, how many are pointing out a person's value?

Who are the valuable people in your life?

Who can you count on to show up for you?

Who are the selfless people surrounding you?

What are all of the things you value about each person? List the people and write down their value; look at it! Does it even make sense?

Are you genuinely appreciative of their value?

Do they know you value them?

Are you misdirecting your appreciation to those who bring no value to your life and leaving your valuables out in the cold; without love or gratitude?

Taking inventory of valuables is something we all need to be doing.


"I am a valuable asset to anyone I come in contact with; appreciate me for the time God has given me to be with you."- Alston Shropshire



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