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A Kiss from Rose| Toxic Relationships

Let stroll down memory lane for a second. Does anyone remember the toxic relationship(s) you were in? Don't we all wish there was a sign of warning as we entered? In some cases, there were, but we opened the gate anyway. This is why when we pray, we need to ask for discernment and the whole armor of God. Discernment so we can walk on by and not open the gate in the first place. In case we are like a moth to a flame, the whole armor of God, so we don't get burned and die.

I wished I had heard stories of these types of relationships to know what to reference and recognize them. Just like a parent would show you the stove and the fire. They would let you know it will burn you. Some might have put your fingers to the heat if you played around the stove too much.

If you see someone going towards the gate, tell them some stories of what happens once you go beyond the gate. Tell them some of the old sayings "the only the name changes, the story stays the same," "it is easy to get in, but hard to get out," and " they always say sorry after, but will continue to repeat the behavior."


" I thank God for bringing me through. He brought me from behind the gates of toxic relationships. Now, I can see the gate before I see the sign. I thank God for my husband, every day; no gate was there with him."- Alston Shropshire


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