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A Kiss from Rose | Top Things God Is Doing

Let's take a look at this list, do you have anything to add?

  • Watching Over You

  • Keeping His Hands On You

  • Fighting Your Battles

  • Healing You

  • Granting You Favor

  • Shielding You

  • Providing For You

  • Opening His Arms For You

  • Forgiving You

  • Guiding You

  • Making A Way For You

  • Listening To You

  • Walking With You

  • Carrying You

  • Protecting You and Your Family

As you know, these are not all of the things God is doing for you. These are just a few things to remind you of what God is doing and has done in your life. Have you told God thank You today? Well, He already woke you up this morning, which is a blessing.


"Tell somebody you love them today. Send up a special prayer for whomever you tell."- Alston Shropshire

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