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A Kiss from Rose| Top Ingredients You Need

What key ingredients do you think you have that are needed to be a good person or who you uniquely are?

I am sure many of us stated the things others are seemingly missing; well, as always, let's focus on ourselves.







Unique Personality



What ingredients do you have that are not on the list? If these ingredients are not on your list, why will you add them to your list? Why or why not? I know I am stern at times, and I feel we need that in life to set boundaries.

Can we be transparent for a moment?


* Woman History Facts

This woman's history fact is for all women. This fact is my opinion of a woman's history.

Women worldwide have experienced some form of trials and tribulations, yet they kept moving forward. Women worldwide have carried the burdens of other women and men in society. Women have also carried those of the children. Yet, somehow they have managed to stand tall, fight inequalities, fight for the rights of the world, stand up for peace and justice.

Nurturing the family and her husband the God-given title of helpmate does not fully explain the full extent of what all women worldwide endure. Some women have worked alongside men in the field and corporate workforce. Some have given birth and still marched on working and fighting.

Every woman represents history in her own way.

-Alston Shropshire



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