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A Kiss from Rose | Today's Prayer

Heavenly Father,

In utmost reverence and adoration, we come before You, acknowledging Your infinite power and unmatched glory. We thank and praise Your name. You are the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the Sovereign Ruler of all creation. We lift our voices in gratitude for Your covering, protection, favor, and blessings that You generously bestow upon us.

Thank You, Father, for Your constant presence in our lives, for walking with us wherever we go, and for surrounding us with Your love and grace. Your watchful eye never ceases to guard and guide us through every trial and triumph.

We are humbled by Your faithfulness in honoring our prayers. Father, You are the same today as You were in the beginning. You are our everything. Like in our Jabez prayer, we pour out our hearts to You, trusting in Your unfailing love and provision. Honor our petitions for healing, clarity, soundness, and prosperity.

We entrust our lives, our loved ones, and our endeavors into Your hands, seeking Your divine protection over our families, marriages, children, and businesses. May Your strength sustain us, and Your wisdom guide us in every decision we make. Continue to order our steps, Father. Continue to keep us and be our Lily in the Valley.

Thank You, Father, for fighting the battles that we face, whether known or unknown to us. Your victory is assured, and we rest in Your unfailing favored promises.

With hearts overflowing with gratitude, we offer this prayer, knowing that You alone are worthy of all praise and honor.  In Jesus' name, Amen.


"If you haven't taken the time to stop and pray all week, guess what? You just did! May you be blessed, and God do something wonderful for you today. Remember, God is moving on your behalf." - Alston Shropshire



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