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A Kiss from Rose| Timing Is Key

Timing is key with all things. The statements that you make. The things that you do and how you react. God is a God of decency and order. All things are also according to His timing. Nothing happens unless He gives the ok. You have to look at all things positively. Nothing is happening to you but happening for you. God does things for your good.

We are not in control of time; God is.

Let Us Pray!

Father, I pray in the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ. Grant me perfect timing in giving and receiving favored things. Grant me discernment when something good or bad is coming my way. Cover me in both. Stand in front of everything that is meant to harm or hurt me. Allow the bad things that are aiming for me to miss their mark.

Reverse the curse that is forming to attack me and my bloodline. Send it back to the sender stamped and approved by You. Remove any envious people from around me. Remove anyone that does not have a genuine love for me. Remove anyone that you did not send for my good. Remove anyone the devil sent to me. Remove anyone with hidden agendas of harm to my family or me. Remove anything in my life that is unequally yoked.

Father, withhold no good and favored thing from me. Continue to have me walking towards You. Continue to show Your face through me. In Your timing, show me to be excellent in Your word. Father, in Your timing, show me to be great as a person. In Your timing, allow my family to flourish.

Father, I lift and glorify Your name. I give You the honor and praise on this day. Father, I know You are my protector. I know, Father, God, You have me covered in Your blood. I know Father, I am the head and not the tail. Father, I know the timing is always perfect because You are the Creator. Father, I know that no weapon formed against my family or me will prosper.

Father, You said in Your Word that whatever I ask in the name of Your Son, it shall be so. Father, I ask these things of You today in the name of Your Son. Amen


"God's timing is perfect for me."- Alston Shropshire

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