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A Kiss from Rose | Time to Think, Remember God is Watching

We all need a pause to think about it moment. We rush to judgment, run errands, and a rush to avoid accountability; we are always in a rush!

Today, please rush to think about these things for a moment to see your honest answers.

How helpful are you with others without excuses?

How active are you in your community?

How authentic are you?

How judgemental are you?

Does walking in love with others depend on who you are walking with?

Do you pray with people you do not like?

Are you willing to take a vent call and listen attentively, or do you only want to make a vent call? (do you rush people off the phone)

Are you qualifying someone's ministry or leaving that up to God?

Are you selfish?

Do you feel as if you have done everything in life correctly?

Is anyone worthy of your help, yet you let them fall by the waist side?

Who have you helped without a contingency or the rush to get them out of your face? Do you feel good about that? Would you want to be treated that way?

Do you look down on others?

Grandma's Corner is and forever will be a place that forces you to think, look in the mirror, and answer questions as if God Himself were asking. This is not for judgment but accountability and to do better while being mindful.

When answering these questions, remember GOD knows, and you can not fool GOD.


"People will take advantage of people helping them and chase the people that do not see them."- Alston Shropshire


Thank you for your cooperation in keeping this a safe space.

Grandma's Corner was created and intended to be free of bias, conflict, criticism, or potentially threatening actions, ideas, or conversations. Any bullying, inappropriate language, swearing, or racial slurs will not be tolerated and will result in an immediate ban from Grandma's Corner and the Alston Shropshire website.


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