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A Kiss from Rose | This is Your Confirmation

Are you getting excited about what’s to come?

Can you feel the favored blessings and healing in the air?

Are you trusting God about all the conversations, prayers, and tears you have had with Him?

Are you feeling the Holy Spirit drawing you closer to something great and powerful?

Are you expecting God to do exceedingly and absolutely in your life?

God has never let us down. He has always and forever will be an on-time God!

Wait a minute…

Did you forget He is the “Great, I Am?” God is covering, shielding, protecting, and providing.

Whew! I thought I lost you for a minute.

I want you to know ALL THINGS are working together for your good. We have an intentional God working on our behalf.

What you feel is the presence of God!

He is comforting you!

He heard your prayer!

What you hear is God’s voice!

He is talking to you! Listen up!

What you see is His face!

Pay attention!

This message is your confirmation!


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