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A Kiss from Rose | Think About This

How did Jesus treat his disciples?

How did Jesus treat poor people?

How did Jesus treat wealthy people?

How did Jesus treat popular people?

How did Jesus treat unpopular people?

How did Jesus treat people who were full of sin?

How did Jesus treat His enemies?

How did Jesus treat His friends?

Instead of asking these things about ourselves, I started with Jesus first so we all may see the difference in our behaviors.

In many instances, we treat people according to their status in life. We may treat people differently according to how we feel about them, their past, and how they may or may not benefit us. Being honest and transparent, we all are not walking in love twenty-four hours of the day as we should. Most of us try exceptionally hard, however.

Our tone or actions may not have love in them. Our response may be based on our interpretation. I will be the first to say I am guilty. When our feelings are hurt, sometimes we react without love or compassion.

As Jesus hung on the cross, He continued to show compassion. When his disciples left and disowned Him, Jesus continued to walk in love and fulfilled His destiny to save everyone.

Let's all strive to turn the other cheek, walk in love, and be forgiving. We all must stop taking things personally, carrying the weight of others, and waiting to attack those who hurt us.

We should all treat everyone with love, respect, common courtesy, and compassion.

When in doubt, ask yourself, what would Jesus do?


"No matter how dressed up we are or the tables we are blessed to at and the elite people we sit with, no one is perfect and can say they have handled every aspect of their life the way Jesus did. No one is perfect or blameless. However, keep striving." - Alston Shropshire


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