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A Kiss from Rose | Things Do Come Full Circle Make Things Right Before The Circle Close

Being a parent is a lifelong blessing from God. What you pour into your children will come back tenfold, not only to you but to those in the community and, in some cases worldwide.

Parenting does not stop at 21 years old; it's until you close your eyes and, in some cases when the child pre-deceases the parents.

There is a point in life when things come full circle. A parent will go from being the child’s lifeline to the child being theirs.

Everything in between affects the outcome of the circle. One important lesson we all must teach our children is FORGIVENESS.

We must have forgiveness in our hearts, and so must they. Forgiveness brings about peace. Peace brings about understanding. Both have love.

There will be sacrifices both will have to make in a lifetime.

Mary made sacrifices when she carried and delivered Jesus. She was ridiculed and doubted. However, she pressed on. He went on spreading His Father's Word. I'm sure she worried about Him day and night as He traveled in dangerous places, away from her safety.

She may have given up things, her dreams, or a safe place to follow Him.

I'm undoubtedly sure she was broken watching Him as He was hung on the cross.

Ultimately, He was the WAY for His mother and us all to have everlasting life.

There is forgiveness, peace, understanding, and love within the relationship of God, Mary, and Jesus.

*Parents and child (and adult child). The mother and earthly father took care of the child in the beginning. The child took care of the parents in the end.

*Make things right with your children. Make things right with your parents

Make things right before the circle closes.


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