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A Kiss from Rose | The Wife

The wife is an essential part of any family unit. She is not only a wife but a mother in her home. She is a helpmate to her spouse and a nurturer to her children. She is keen on things going on in the house. She has discernment. She knows if something is off. She knows if there has been a shift in the atmosphere. She cares for the home, ensuring every detail is maintained. She often is on the battlefield with her spouse. There are different types of wives. A passive wife. An aggressive wife. A completely submissive wife. An attentive wife. An overprotective wife. A supportive wife. A nagging wife. An admirable wife. What type of wife are you, or do you aspire to be?

Let's give a few names of some wives in the bible.

Mary (Joseph)

Esther (King Xerxes)

Gomer (Hosea)

Abigail (David)

How would you describe them? What type of wives do you think they were?

Being a wife is not for the faint. You, more often than not, wear many hats


" Solute to the ones who carry the title of wife."- Alston Shropshire

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