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A Kiss from Rose| God Never Fails

God never fails! God never fails His purpose for us. God never fails His will. There is nothing about God that fails. His power will never fail. God's love will never fail. God's favor over your life will never fail to reach you. God's covering will never fail to miss you. His healing blood will never fail to purify yours or heal you. God's season of "fruitful harvest" will never fail to reap in your life. God's miracles will never fail to come to pass. God being a benefactor in your life will not fail to be true. God has begun to give you mercy. He has already started to shift in your life, and He will not fail. Everything God said He is, God is! Everything He said He would do, He is doing! God is never failing!


" God has never failed me!" - Alston Shropshire



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