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A Kiss from Rose| The Shift

After experiencing "the mercy" of God, you should not only feel His presence upon you but should feel a shift. There should be something inside of you that wants to move differently after experiencing God's mercy, especially when you did nothing to deserve it. God has covered you so you can move forward to a greater purpose. God has protected you because He sees greater in you and knows what He has waiting for you. Shifting is an exhilarating feeling. The shift God gave you is no movement by your doing. God moved you! Because God took the time to not only cover you but move or "shift" you, this alone should have you giving God praise! No one can force you back when God shifts you to the next level. When God is the author of your "shift," your movement and how far you go limitless how far you can go. In this season, it is a "shifting season." Meaning, God has His hands on you! Therefore, no one can undo what He is doing. Victory is here! Prosperity is here! Favor is here! The elevation is here! As we are most grateful for His mercy. We embrace His shift with open arms. Are your arms open for your shift? Have your hands been lifted in praise for His mercy? I want God to shift me into a favored atmosphere and fill me with unspeakable joy about the love and blessings He bestowed upon me.

"Hello one and and all, the shift is here!"


"When you see me, you will see the shift in me. God has His hands on me."- Alston Shropshire

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