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A Kiss from Rose| The Love of God

There is something about God loving you. It feels like a warm blanket covering you. You feel a sense of peace and comfort. When God loves you, you feel whole. When you feel the love of God, you feel safe. When you know God loves you, you know everything is going to be alright. No man or woman can love you as God can. God's love is forever eternal. His love is everlasting. God will never stop loving you. His love is unconditional. God's love never fails. God will never stop providing for you. He will never stop protecting you. He will never stop saving you. God will always favor you. God will always make the crooked places straight. God will order your steps to victory. God will show you what love is. God is the blueprint for love. God is love.

Father God, continue to love me. Continue to infuse Your love through me. Father, allow me to love others as You would have me to love them. Allow others to love me as You would have them to love me. Father, thank You for loving me, for allowing me to rest under your safety. In Jesus' name, Amen.


" God, don't stop loving me." - Alston Shropshire



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