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A Kiss from Rose | Surpassing Your Position

We all attempt to navigate our way through life and call the shots, make judgment calls, turn right or left at the drop of a dime, without any expertise or tools to help us. All in the name of surpassing the position we are currently standing in. Who doesn't want to elevate, right? No one wants to stand in the same place forever. Well, unless you are standing at the highest point. The thing is, everyone needs help in completing that goal. I don't know who you may have called on to navigate you through life, but I petitioned God at an early age to be the pilot during my journey. I had the common sense to realize I did not know what in the world I was doing. He is the only one that has the blueprint. He is the only one that knows the path. I know He would elevate me, surpassing me from my current position. Some may have wondered how come I have not fallen flat on my face. They may think it is my parents, my aunt, or even my grandmother, but they were the ones who taught me to pray for God to be the pilot. To allow Him to be the one in the driver's seat.

I may be many things to many people, but what I am is surpassing my positions. All because of my petition to God to be my pilot. Am I a millionaire? No, not at the moment. But, I am alive and breathing, which has surpassed my heart, stopping on June 25, 2019. Am I living in a mansion? No, not at the moment. But, I am living in my home, which has surpassed my housing project apartment in the late '90s. You see, I am thankful for the little things. I know God is the reason I have surpassed those positions. I am faith-filled that He will surpass me from my current position. You see, I trust my pilot wholeheartedly. Every day for me is a surpassing day. I know God will do exceedingly and abundantly in my life. Why? Well, it is simple, that is His promise, and His word will not come back null. He has the blueprint and knows the path; He knows the beginning and the end.

So as I pray for these things for you, pray them for me as well.

I pray that God is your pilot.

I pray that you trust God.

I pray that you call on Him.

I pray that you enjoy the journey.

I pray that your elevation exceeds what you could hope for or imagine.

I pray that you realize that you are experiencing elevation.

I pray that you realize God is in the midst.

I pray that you realize that you are growing.

I pray that you realize that you are loved.

I pray that you realize you are experiencing favor.

I pray that you experience financial freedom.

I pray that you realize and walk in your gift.

I pray favor over your life, children, and family.

I pray that you surpass your position.

In Jesus' name, Amen.


" I am surpassing my position because God is my pilot." - Alston Shropshire


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