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A Kiss From Rose | Summer Fast Day 5 Evening Prayer


Please be aware that the prayers provided during our Five-Day Summer Fast may not always apply specifically to your personal circumstances. However, we encourage you to participate fully, as we are covering a variety of areas and standing in the gap for others.

These prayers might address the needs of a family member or someone in your bloodline, even twenty generations down. It is essential not to skip any prayer, as within these five days, there will be prayers that directly pertain to you and that others will join in agreement with.

This is a time to demonstrate to God your obedience and willingness to support not only your own needs but also those of His other children. Together, we create a powerful, united front in prayer, fostering a community of faith and mutual support.

Heavenly Father,

We come before You with humble hearts, seeking Your divine favor within the judicial and court systems. We ask for Your grace and compassion to touch the hearts of judges, probation officers, clerks, officers, attorneys, and all involved in legal matters. Grant us preferential treatment, access, protection, and forgiveness as we navigate these challenging circumstances.

We pray that records may be expunged, allowing us to move forward without negative consequences. Cleanse us from past mistakes, and let our future be free from the burdens of our history.

Father, we seek Your forgiveness for any sins we have committed, for any unkind words or unfavorable actions we have directed towards others. Forgive us for inaccurate accusations, misplaced or misdirected anger, and any misinterpreted feelings, actions, intentions, or words.

Guide our speech, Lord, and give us the wisdom to hold our tongues when necessary, ensuring that our words lead to the best possible outcomes. Formulate our words with Your wisdom, so that they may bring peace, justice, and mercy.

In Your holy name, we pray.



“As we wait on the Lord, we stand in faith and with expectation, it will come to pass.” -Alston Shropshire

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