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A Kiss From Rose | Summer Fast Day 3 Evening Prayer


Please be aware that the prayers provided during our Five-Day Summer Fast may not always apply specifically to your personal circumstances. However, we encourage you to participate fully, as we are covering a variety of areas and standing in the gap for others.

These prayers might address the needs of a family member or someone in your bloodline, even twenty generations down. It is essential not to skip any prayer, as within these five days, there will be prayers that directly pertain to you and that others will join in agreement with.

This is a time to demonstrate to God your obedience and willingness to support not only your own needs but also those of His other children. Together, we create a powerful, united front in prayer, fostering a community of faith and mutual support

Heavenly Father,

We come before You with humble hearts, seeking Your divine covering and favor over our marriages, relationships, and families. Lord, draw us closer to one another, fostering bonds of love, compassion, and understanding. Fill our homes with joy and make our relationships a source of strength and happiness. Sweep through with a calmness and peace that blankets us.

Father, cover and guide our children in every aspect of their life. Grant them the undeniable discernment to always make the right decisions.

Shield them from harm and allow them to prosper and be stable. Grant them favor and peace everywhere they go especially in their home. Love on them and allow them to love themselves.

For those who desire a husband/ wife and children, we ask that You grant them the desires of their hearts in Your perfect timing. Bless them with partners who will cherish and honor them, and children who will bring laughter and love into their lives. You said in Your word to be fruitful and multiply. Allow those with the desire and capability to do so.

Honor their earnest prayers to make their life complete.

Father, we ask You to break the yoke of confusion, distrust, hate, jealousy, and lack of partnership that may afflict our relationships and marriages. Replace these with clarity, trust, unconditional love, contentment, compassion, respect, understanding, and true companionship. May Your peace reign in our hearts and homes, guiding us to live in harmony and mutual respect.

We pray for Your divine favor over every aspect of our lives, that we may walk in Your light and reflect Your love to those around us. Continue to penetrate our hearts and minds.Strengthen our bonds, Lord, and let Your grace fill our lives with health, happiness, and joy.

In Jesus' name, we pray.



“Grant the people in your lives a little grace and compassion you don’t know what they have been through. Everything is not shared.” - Alston Shropshire

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