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A Kiss From Rose | Summer Fast Day 2 Morning Prayer


Please be aware that the prayers provided during our Five-Day Summer Fast may not always apply specifically to your personal circumstances. However, we encourage you to participate fully, as we are covering a variety of areas and standing in the gap for others.

These prayers might address the needs of a family member or someone in your bloodline, even twenty generations down. It is essential not to skip any prayer, as within these five days, there will be prayers that directly pertain to you and that others will join in agreement with.

This is a time to demonstrate to God your obedience and willingness to support not only your own needs but also those of His other children. Together, we create a powerful, united front in prayer, fostering a community of faith and mutual support.

Most Gracious and Faithful Father in Heaven,

We give thanks and praise Your name. We thank You for waking us up in our right mind and spirit today.

Father, thank You for being our saving grace.

Today, we come together, touching and agreeing regarding our assets, taxes, and finances.

Father, You are the Father of all things, knowledge, and wisdom. Grant us favor with our assets, taxes, and finances, and guide us with Your knowledge and understanding so that we make the right decisions. Gift us with a customized and unique discernment in this area.

Expand our territories and portfolios. Put our names on more deeds, properties, and land. Father, allow us to obtain these territories, maintain them, and afford them.

Grant us favor with the IRS, including tax breaks and payments. Grant us favor with every employee, customer service representative, clerk, supervisor, IT, and processor. Keep us penalty-free. Hide us where and when we need to be hidden and show us in favorable places.

Grant is undeniable grace while providing us with perfect documentation that we have readily available.

Father, be our ultimate provider and benefactor. We ask that nothing be missing from our accounts. We are in deposit season because You are sending us checks and cash. Father, You have strategically placed us in financial overflow.

Father, because of You, we lack no good and favorable thing regarding our assets, taxes, and finances.

Father, move on our behalf. Stand before us our finances, assets, and taxes regarding the things we are aware of and unaware of, in the midst of, and those things that are yet on the way.

Through Your Son, Jesus Christ, we pray, amen.


"Matthews 18:20 is the go-to scripture for today. I am being obedient to the scripture, are you?" - Alston Shropshire

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