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A Kiss from Rose | Strength

Everyone reacts to trials and tribulations, heck, life differently. Many people who have been told they are strong feel it is not a compliment. Most people feel this way because it means they can carry the weight of their situations without needing help. Strong people need people too! You may not see them cry. You may not see them fall apart. It does not mean they do not. We all must remember even the person that carries it well or may appear to be "yet holding on" is not always okay.

Some may not want to be strong and stop praying for strength, but strength is essential and more important than you think.

Think about it this way. When you pray to God to keep you mentally strong and sound, you need to be strong so that when things arise, you can handle them, have the ability to execute wisdom, think on your feet, and think logically. Having strength and being strong is a positive attribute, so do not think negatively.

Ensure you have a sound support system to help you along the way. It is always good to have some prayer warriors on your team. They do not have to speak in tongues; they need to be willing, dedicated, and genuine about praying for your situation.

Here is another way to look at it. When you pray to God for strength, know that you will need it. It is one of the best things you can pray for.

Life will happen, but you will not give up; that's strength kicking in. When the storms come on all sides, and all you can do is stand there, that's strength grounding your feet. When your emotions are all over the place, you shake them off somehow; that's strength showing up and saying, we got this! God sent me!

No one wants to be strong all the time. Sometimes you feel like you want to fall on the floor, cry, or avoid making hard decisions. Nevertheless, God gave you the strength to carry the weight. God infused His power in you to withstand it all. You being strong means God is penetrating through you. It means He is helping you. It means He is present. Even when you feel physically, emotionally, or mentally weak, unable to handle it all, can not make a decision, want to give up, or feel defeated, God still will grant you strength.

Be grateful for strength! Start looking at your strength as a positive thing. God is with you.

God, keep me mentally, physically, and emotionally strong. Ensure that I keep the faith and never give up. I claim victory over every storm, trial, tribulation, demonic spirits, principalities, imps, witchcraft, the devil, the enemy, and anything not of You. By Your power, I am strong. By Your authority, I am victorious. In Jesus's name, amen.


"Lord, send the genuine prayer warriors."- Alston Shropshire


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