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A Kiss from Rose | Somebody

The message for today is regarding "somebody" and its significance.

Often we forget how vital "somebody" is in our life. We may have forgotten the "somebodies" that have played an essential part in our life. Where am I going with this today? Well, let me dive into the message.

Have you ever sat in a church where everyone prayed while touching and agreeing with one another? Well, "somebody" on the far end of the church was praying to God about what you were asking. So was the person standing next to you. Remember, where two or more stand in agreement, I will be in the midst. Those "somebodies" were significant.

Now that you have my point, here are some other significant "somebodies" you may or may not remember.

The "somebodies" that were your parents' friends who prayed for you while in the hospital as a child.

The "somebodies" that were your parents' friends who prayed for

and kept you as a child.

The "somebodies" that were at your christening.

The "somebodies" advocating for you when you were in trouble.

The "somebodies" worldwide who pray for the sick and shut-in.

The "somebodies" worldwide who pray for those on the highways and byways.

The "somebodies" who stay on their knees, praying for those who were in the jailhouse.

The "somebodies" that pray for children all over the world.

The "somebodies" that pray for those with addictions.

The "somebodies" who pray for people who can not conceive a child.

The "somebodies" worldwide who pray for people with mental illness, cancer, covid, heart issues, diabetes, asthma, depression, and anxiety.

The "somebodies" worldwide who prayed over 2000 years ago over their bloodline.

The "somebodies" in your circle that pray for you without you knowing.

The "somebodies" who helped you along the way twenty or thirty years ago.

The "somebodies" who instilled value and poured into you.

The "somebodies" who passed the torch to you.

The "somebodies" who left you a legacy.

The "somebodies" who are still watching over you.

The "somebodies" who got you in the position where you are today."

The "somebodies" on who you can rely.

The "somebodies" who believed in you.

The "somebodies" who never forgot you.

Did a few people come to mind on some of these?

I am sure you are a person who prays for people when you see an accident on the side of the road. See, you are a "somebody," too. Those people don't even know prayers are going up for them.

Sometimes, "somebody" is forgotten, but it does not mean they are insignificant.


" I am just a "somebody" who need "somebodies" too!"- Alston Shropshire


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