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A Kiss from Rose | Show Me the Way

Knowledge is power! Giving back is critical! No one left behind is essential! The "it takes a village mentality" is vital for showing someone the way.

Nowadays, people want to keep things to themselves or pay a high cost for their access. We all desire the same things, stability, wealth, and longevity. Please show me the way to things of importance and value. Please show me the way to something that will positively impact my life and my bloodline. Why should there be only one large house on the block when the entire subdivision, community, city, state, or country can all have substantial assets and land? We all can have a large house! We all can have land! Without losing our salvation, we all can have earthly things of importance and value.

Things to show me the way to:

God/ Jesus


These key things will give you access to those with the "it takes a village mentality" or those whose assignment is to assist you along the way (earthly angels). How? Because you will begin to pray for it. You will talk to God about it.

God wants you to have land, financial freedom, and assets.

For example, you want financial freedom, debt cancellations, houses, cars, land, and wealth. Yes, we are talking about material things; however, there is no person here who has not desired or dreamed about having these things.

When you have the key things in place, God and prayer, He will lead you to the people assigned to you to gain these things.

Question for today: Have you shown someone how to get a house, land, financial freedom, and debt cancellation? If so, thank you for being God's earthly angel!


* Black History month facts

* Please take the time to read the article

Records of contacts between Africans and Native Americans date to April 1502, when the first enslaved African arrived in Hispaniola. Some Africans escaped inland from the colony of Santo Domingo; those who survived and joined with the native tribes became the first group of Black Indians.


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