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A Kiss from Rose | Send Me A Friend

In so many cases, I hear people say, "no new friends." In the same breath, you have feelings that your friends do not value, respect, or love you. I am not here to judge who they are as a friend or who you are as one either. I am here to put together a conversation you can have with God. This conversation can apply to friends, family, or even relationships.

God, if the friends you have for me have not reached me yet, hear my petition. If I am not the person I should be as a friend, cover me with these attributes.

Lord, send me friends that You send to favor my life. Send me friends that respect and love me. Send me friends that You show Your face through.

Lord, send me friends that are executing effective communication and comprehension. Lord, send me friends that are positive and not toxic. Lord, send me friends that speak to me with love, compassion, and concern.

Send me friends that care for my children and my family. Send me friends that want to see me win without envy or jealousy. Send me friends that will pray for my family and me, a prayer warrior. Send me friends who are willing to be a friend without judgment. Lord, send me friends who desire to thrive and flourish in Your kingdom.

Lord, send me unconditional friends. Send me friends who are shoulders I can cry on and willing to hold my hand. Send me friends who are trustworthy, honest, humble, and transparent. Send me friends who are not a financial burden on me. Lord, send me friends who correct with love and lack abrasiveness. Send me friends who do not want to argue and fight. Send me friends who are willing to listen as well as talk.

Lord, send me friends with good hearts and intentions. Send me friends who are comforting and peaceful, just like You. Send me friends who love You. Lord, allow me to be these things to them that I ask of them for me. In Jesus' name amen.


"Prayer is always powerful." - Alston Shropshire



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