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A Kiss from Rose | Real Life Needs Real Prayers

Father, break the strongholds and soul ties keeping____________________ from Your purpose. Break the toxic hold anyone has over ______________ that is keeping_______________ from seeing and thinking clearly. Keep __________ from the entangled web of lies, manipulation, illusion, and deceit they have ______________captivated with. Father, I ask, in the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ, that You break _________ from being naive mindset that someone's intentions are good when they are evil and mean _____________ no good. Deliver ______________ from them and restore ________________ from the damage they have done. Take away the chaos and confusion in ___________ home, job, and any place ___________ enters. Father, forgive ________________ for allowing their power to overtake ________________. Shield and cover _____________ from the traps of the enemy. Father, rescue and deliver ______________, in Jesus' name, amen.

Sometimes people need to pray away things they can not see. Will you stand in the gap for your family, friends, spouse, and children? Are you willing to pray away strongholds and soul ties the enemy has sent to destroy them? Please put your name or theirs in the blank.

Your prayer may not sound like this, but can we agree that we must pray away strongholds and soul ties?

When you love and respect someone, you will stand in the gap for them.

Real life needs real prayer! Spiritual warfare and principalities are real!


"You must stand in the gap for others. I am so thankful someone cared enough to stand in the gap for me." - Alston Shropshire



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