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A Kiss from Rose| Prayer Power

To an untrained eye, my hands look clean and beautiful. However, to a spiritually trained eye, they can see that my hands are dirty from "working." I am not talking about a regular nine to five or any form of work that has to do with being recognized by man. I am talking about worship, praise, and prayer; that's the real work we must put in. To an untrained eye, some may not think I do any of these things.

Nevertheless, when you look a little close, you can see that I am doing the work. My hands are covered in oil and full of strength. It is full of power and increasingly gaining more experience. I put my hands together to give praise and to pray. I raise my hands and shout hallelujah. Yet, my hands do not work alone, however. My tongue is part of this dynamic duo. There is so much power in my tongue that my prayer is powerful. My tongue is full of life. It is full of the favored promised that God gave me. I am cautious with the words that I use to pray because I am speaking those words over my life or the life of others. Take a few minutes to say a powerful prayer. Here's mine.

As I come to the throne of grace, Heavenly Father, I give You praise. I thank You for waking me up and being everything to me. Thank You for guiding me through life, keeping me safe and protected in Your arms. Father, continue to bring my hands together to worship You, give You praise, and pray. Father, allow my tongue to increase in power and favor with my prayers. Allow the words that I use with other to soothe their soul and heal their spirits. Allow Your words to flow from my mouth. Father, keep my words from causing harm, danger, and strife within myself and others. Allow my presence to bring peace into any atmosphere. Show Your face through me. Father, You are my benefactor, and I am Your direct beneficiary; therefore, I lack nothing. In Jesus' name, Amen.


"There is one thing for sure, prayer is powerful."- Alson Shropshire

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