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A Kiss from Rose | Pray and Doubt

Prayer and doubt do not go together.

It is simple. Either you pray or doubt. When you genuinely believe in God and His Son, Jesus Christ, how can you ever allow doubt to rent a space in your head? Have you yet to hear the stories? Have you yet to see the things He has done? Has He never come through for your or someone you know? Then how can you pray and yet still doubt?

The first thing we must remember is that it is never according to our will; it is always according to His will—the essential rule of thumb.

Why talk to God if you do not believe Him? If you do not believe He can do it, why are you going to Him in the first place?

God has shown up too many times for you to think otherwise.

Do you remember that time in your relationship when you had all those problems, and everything worked out just fine? Are you not better today than you started before?

What about when you did not have enough money to cover the bills, and there was a ram in the bush?

Think about when you were looking for a job, and it seemed like no one would hire you, but someone said they would take a chance with you.

How about those children, whew, those children? Some or at least one of them may have had you on the spin cycle for at least ten years straight. Now you are the proud and doting parent.

Do not forget the times when God came through for you. When you think about all those times, you are less likely to doubt what else He can do.

Pray without ceasing. Pray without a doubt. All things are according to the will of God.

Lay your petitions at His feet and accept His will for the outcome.


"Patience is a virtue, they say, and we can not rush God." - Alston Shropshire

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