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A Kiss from Rose | Please Excuse Me

Please excuse me if my striving to do better is placing a time restraint on our outings. Staying stagnant is not a hope or dream of mine. Heck, I was hoping you wanted to go higher, so we could go together.

No one is perfect! Please excuse me if my imperfections highlight your perfection in your delusional mirror. Sorry.

Please excuse me if my missing "the mark" does not coincide with your expectations.

Please excuse me if my lack of wisdom does not equate with your wealth of knowledge. Can you help me get to where you are? Thank you.

Please excuse me for believing that God loves us all because clearly, you do not feel that way. My bible tells me God so loves the world that He gave His only Begotten Son. Well, aren't we all in the world?

Please excuse me for trying to do the right thing and following God the best way I can. Not the best way that you can, but the way I can.

Please excuse me for staying in constant communication with God despite my flaws. Didn't God say talk to Him?

Please excuse me for wanting to be in a thriving atmosphere; isn't that what we all want? Who wants to be a failure?

Please excuse me for wanting to help others; isn't that what God said to do?

Please excuse me for wanting a stress-free life.

Please excuse me for wanting God to be with me; I am all too familiar with people leaving your side.

Please excuse me if I can't provide you with daily affirmations; I am a confirmation carrier.

Please excuse me if I lack nothing; God is my provider. Who do you depend on?

Please excuse me if I fall; help me get back up.

Please excuse me if I am shining too bright; stand next to me so you can shine too.

Please excuse me if my mountains are moving me; speak to yours.

Sometimes, people talk too much, say hurtful things, or may you feel some type of way. God does not do this, but people will. When they do say, please excuse me...


"God is working things behind the scenes on my behalf. Please excuse me if I seem too excited." - Alston Shropshire

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