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A Kiss from Rose | Pillow Talk

Pillow talk seems like harmless chatter. Conversations between partners or spouses.

But harmless to whom? Pillow talk, who is doing it? Is it you? Here are some questions to ask yourself. Who are you pillow talking about? Who's business are you telling? Is it your business or someone else? The short-term chatter and, at the time, seemingly a connecting conversation can have horrible or damaging long-term effects.

Your meaningless pillow talks about your best friend or associate with your spouse can come back to haunt you or them.

Your meaningless pillow talks about your family member with your spouse can be harmful in the long run.

Your meaningless pillow talks about the vents sessions you had with anyone with your spouse can be harmful, damaging, and hurtful in the long run.

If you wouldn't want someone sharing your information with their spouse, partner, friends, or family; do not do it to them. Pillow talk about your life, however, remember, think long- term regarding the information you will be sharing. It too can come back to bite you!

Pillow talk comes when one person trusts the other with information that belongs to them or someone else—never imagining ill intentions down the road. Nor does anyone think about the confusion or concern down the road.

The information told can hurt the person telling the information or the person the information is referencing.

Pillow talking has been going on since the beginning of time.

Well, what do you think about Samson and Delilah in the Bible? This story is pillow talk 101. Samson confided his innermost secrets to a person he thought he could trust. She took advantage of him confiding in her. Delilah gave Samson up to his enemies. He gave up what made him strong, his hair, ultimately leading to his weakness and demise.

Today's message is about pillow talk and how we must be careful with the information we have and with whom we share it. Only some have ill intentions with the information given by pillow talk, not like the case with Delilah, where she was paid to obtain the information. She knew it would be the demise of Samson. Now can we learn other vital things from the story of Samson and Delilah? Of course, we can; however, that will be another message for another day.

Not familiar with the story? Needing something to watch? Here is the movie Samson and Delilah.

Resource: YouTube


"There is a story in the Bible for every occasion." Alston Shropshire

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