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A Kiss from Rose | Peace and Discernment

Father, I give all honor and glory to You. Thank You for being my best attribute. Thank You for abiding in me. Thank You for showing your face through me. Father, I thank You for peace that surpasses all understanding. I thank You for a peaceful atmosphere everywhere I go. Thank You for allowing my presence to bring peace into any situation. Thank You for making me complete and whole. Thank You for granting me the ability to make wise decisions during difficult situations. Thank You for allowing me to know and understand through the power of the Spirit. Thank You for letting me know the difference between things and people of You and those that are not. Thank You for removing them swiftly and without any harm or notice to me. On this day, I thank You for peace and discernment. Thank You for always gifting me with Your favor, in Jesus' name Amen.


"Two great assets to possess are peace and discernment."- Alston Shropshire

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