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A Kiss from Rose | One Thing For Sure And Two Things For Certain

"One thing for sure, and two for certain," is a phrase I would often hear my first mother-in-law at the time say in the 90s (may God rest her soul). Some of you may or may not have heard this saying before. I want to focus on "sure" and "certain." They both mean you are confident without a doubt. So my question to you today is, what are you "sure" or "certain" about today?

Here are mines as you think about or begin to list your "one thing for sure and two for certain" things. Did some of these make your list?

God still sits on the throne

God is still in the miracle business

God is always covering and protecting me and my bloodline

I will always go through the Son to get to the Father

The blood still works

God is at the center of my life

God is a forgiving God

God is my benefactor

God is forever present

God is always providing for me and my bloodline

God is the author of my life

God does not remember my sins anymore

God is the author of my finances and stability

God is a healer

God is a way maker

God created the favored doors for me to walk through

God cleared my path

God fights my battles

God gifts me with grace and mercy

God doesn't allow anything not of Him to touch my family or me

God sanctifies me

God's word never comes back null

God anointed my head with oil

God gifted me with discernment and the Holy Ghost

God extended my life

There are so many things that are "for sure and for certain" that we all could go on and on with our list. But tell me some things that I didn't mention that made your list.


"One thing for sure and two for certain, God does not play about me."- Alston Shropshire

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