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A Kiss from Rose | OH!, You Forgot

Oh!, You forgot all of the blessings God has bestowed upon you? Did you forget the countless times He has saved you and brought you through? You might have overlooked the numerous nights you were lying in bed, crying your eyes out. Well, let me be the wonderful messenger reminder of some things God did for you.

Well, He formed you in the womb of your mother! What a blessing all by itself.

He saved you from some relationships you wanted so badly, but when you look at what it might have been today, you most certainly are thankful to God.

Think about the countless times you have done wrong and didn't get caught by your parents or others. Oh, there are some things they still don't know.

Oh, you forgot when you prayed for your spouse, and they surprised you with a ring?

What about praying for a baby and now you are attending graduations or looking at ultrasounds.

Did you forget the house or brand new car you prayed for yet didn't know how you would get it?

Did you forget about the deliverance from sin, addictions, or fornications?

What about healing your body over and over again?

Did you forget about your bloodline and how it is growing and thriving?

You almost lost your life, but you didn't; who was that, no one but God?

You are breathing, yup, that's God! If you are doing it on your own, let me know.

Did you forget your testimonies? Doesn't that mean you claimed the victory over what was meant to destroy you?

Act like you know what you know what you know! You can not forget all of the things God has already done. Keep expecting Him to show up and show out. On His time, though!


" Waiting is always the hard part. Especially when you don't have an exact time."- Alston Shropshire

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